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Organisierte Ausflugsfahrten (Organized Bus Tours)
Performative installation
Sept. 17 - Sept.18, 2005

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Organisierte Ausflugsfahrten is a German expression which announces an "organized excursion and drive." At Autocenter, I arranged professional bus tours of the gallery’s courtyard. Tours departed every 15 minutes on the hour. The gallery was transformed into a waiting room where visitors could to relax and drink coffee in anticipation of the next tour. Tours ran 4-6 minutes and were complemented with easy-listening music. Passengers were assured by the professional driver, and welcomed with a pre-recorded bilingual greeting: "Hello! Welcome to the Bus Tour. Sit back. Relax. We hope you enjoy the ride!" The route provided a 360º tour of the courtyard and consisted of a 16-point turn. In two days, visitors enjoyed the tour from both inside and outside the bus. Many thanks to Maik Schierloh and Joep van Liefland (AUTOCENTER).

waiting room

courtyard bus tour in progress

in the middle of a 16-point turn

bus makes a 16-point turn in the courtyard

tight corners

passengers getting 360° of the courtyard

another part of the courtyard

another tight corner

bus coming back

waiting for next tour

invitation with map of tour