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LANDREFORM exhibition series
Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, Berlin, Germany

Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum is situated on the former militarized zone of the Berlin Wall and consists of 62 vacant lots of downtown real estate. At the intersection of four lots, I set out to make a waterfall atop a mound of WWII building ruins, which like a river would be a natural geographic divider between the properties. Guided by divining rods, I chose a spot to dig a well. Four meters down in a narrow shaft, after digging and cutting through dirt, rebar and chunks of concrete, I find myself trapped in someone's former basement, impeded by a solid concrete floor. By good fortune, I discover an abandoned well on an adjacent lot earlier that week. With an abundant supply, water is now pumped to the top of the ruins, where it cascades as a waterfall into 3 interconnected pools. The water crests and flows as one stream leading back to the 4 meter hole, now a depository and my stymied attempt to find water. Unbeknownst to the landowners, it would be unclear who one owns the water as it falls on the divide between them. Over the course of the year, the waterfall provides many functions - a bird bathe, dog bowl, drink cooler and a small pool. The area flourishes and a mossy green covers the ruins. Special thanks to Nixe Frey.

Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum, 2008 - 1) Waterfall  2) Attempted Well  3) Abandoned well