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Love Thy Neighbor (exhibition)
Apex Art, NY
June 2008

Early in their careers, three of the artists exhibited in some of the same shows. Lester, not an artist but the owner of a major food distribution company, did not. Years later at different times of their lives, their work presents a unified subject. A series of mushroom clouds from Robert Longo (2004), Michael Smith's video, Mike Builds a Shelter (1985), Lester's billboard calling out a local preacher to "Love Thy Neighbor" (2005), and a new piece by Peter Fend, Football Fields of The World (2008), which explores geopolitics through an educational game for adults. While the histories of the artists, including Lester who has a notable if not exemplary bomb shelter at his Pennsylvanian stone house, overlap or never did, for a day the works collide.
Artist Checklist (pdf)

Installation view

Michael Smith, Mike Builds a Shelter, (video still), video 23:55 minutes, 1985

Robert Longo, Untitled (Mike Test/ Head of Goya), Glicee print, 2004

Robert Longo, Untitled (Marshall Island), Glicee print, 2004

Robert Longo, Untitled (Mike Test/ Head of Goya), Glicee print, 2004

Peter Fend, Soccer Fields of the World: East vs. West, North vs. South, Dry North vs. Dry South, Dry South vs. Wet North, 2008

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