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No Space 
Performative installation with pine studs, epoxy, glue, pegs, blueprints 
Cranbrook Museum of Art, MI
May 1999

Sixty-six MFA students were packed into one small museum. Artists jockeyed for space before installation began. I proposed to connect and define the boundaries between each artist's work. With steamed and bent 2" x 4" studs, I looked for ways to work with or circumnavigate each artist's space. I would connect the studs end-to-end from the back of the museum to the front or until an impasse was reached with an artist. Midway through the installation, it was the curator who curtailed our progress due to pressure from the coming artists by claiming ownership of all unused space. 

Thanks to Scott Ritchie, Jean Hahn, Heather McGill, Keith Doyle, Megan Sullivan