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Straight Line (à vol d'oiseau)
Performance / Guided tours
Musée du château des ducs de Wurtemberg, Montbéliard, France

If the only three buildings in Montbéliard were le 19 Center for Contemporary Art, le Château des Ducs de Wurtemberg, and le Pavillon des Sciences, a straight line could be walked from one to the next without so much as having to turn a corner. I invite those living and working along this line to open their windows and doors for one evening, so the public can walk as straight as an arrow from one museum to the next. The project leads the public through homes, businesses, construction sites and across one river. Entering through doorways, climbing over windows, rooftops and walls, viewers are privy to an intimate look on the private, local heritage of the day, that which will shape the museums of tomorrow. In its realization, the Straight Line zigzaggs across town, connecting instances of generosity, and delineating fear, lame excuses and property.

Working plan