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Trois Cent Douze
E-Team (Franziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger, Daniel Seiple)
Performance / Installation
Momenta Art at the Meat Market Art Fair, NY
November 2000

Trois Cent Douze is a sweater boutique that opens exclusively in an art fair in Chelsea, NY. It is located in Room 312 where 12 turtleneck sweaters are displayed on wooden shelves. Each sweater is offered at 50% its retail value of $312. To help customers make informed decisions, the E-Team works as salespersons and models the sweaters. We answer questions concerning material, color and size. By the end of the 3-day fair, roughly 30 people have tried on a sweater. Two are sold for $156 a piece.

Finding a perfect fit

1 of 12 artificial cashmere sweaters

Pairing skin tone and sweater color

Assisting a customer

Tidying up