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Fishing Expedition #1, Weser River
Z/KU CitizenSHIP, Documenta15, Kassel, Germany
with Momtaz Dimashqi and Nafee Kurdi (Making Waves) and others
Metal, 2022

A recap of our recent stay on the @citizenship.zku for @documentafifteen. It was an amazing fishing trip, a respite from our own boat, with so many spectacular and unexpected discoveries! Okay, the CitizenSHIP was stranded, but they acquired a small motorboat and off we went. Fishing with high-powered magnets, pulling scrap from the river. Bottle caps, bullets, fragments of instruments, medieval swords, daggers and a breast plate – mementos and artifacts of the CitizenSHIP'S passage through time and space. The objects adorned the ship for a few days before moving ahead to Kassel.