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What to do in an elevator emergency
E-Team (Franziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger, Daniel Seiple)
Bronx Museum of Art, NY, 2000

There are many ways elevator accidents can occur. To fully inform the public of the perils of elevator operation and expand upon the various applicable remedies, it would require a massive volume of public resources. With over 660,000 elevators in the United States and Canada alone, riding an elevator is routine – until an accident occurs.

The E-Team trains groups of two to eight people on how to react and what to do when stuck in an elevator. The demonstrations take place in the museum's elevator. After explaining how to react and interact with the other passengers, we encourage participants to focus on the primary goal of ESCAPE. A hatch is located on the ceiling 12 feet above. Group participation and cooperation will be required to open it. Once the hatch is opened everyone receives a certificate. Each lesson takes approximately 15 minutes.