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Quick Click
E-Team (Franziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger, Daniel Seiple)
20 Minute Event/Performance
LMCC World Views Short Term Project, World Trade Center, Tower 1
Saturday March 31, 2001

In Quick Click, we took pictures of people standing in one window on the 91st floor who, in turn, looked out at the New York City landscape. The event took place at the Open Studios for the World Views Residency of the LMCC for 20 minutes. At 4:30 PM, two eteam members arrived in a helicopter and hovered outside the windows. Inside, the third member anticipated the helicopter’s arrival and organized the Quick Click participants into a line. Via walkie-talkie, the eteam coordinated the camera with the people inside. One-by-one each person stepped into a lit window and had their picture taken from the helicopter. After 20 minutes, about 60 people had been photographed. On the second day of the Open Studios, participants could come back to pick up their free photograph.